February 24, 2015

Here is great news. Last night the Lynnwood City Council unanimously approved an agreement to purchase the Seabrook Heights property from West View for $6,000,000. The owners of West View Properties had previously signed a purchase and sale agreement with the City of Lynnwood. It is my understanding that this transaction is expected to close in March. There is a small risk that the sale will fail to close. Consequently, we are maintaining our right to appeal the DNS.

The Lynnwood City Council is to be commended for adding $1,000,000 to the $5,000,000 conservation futures grant awarded to Lynnwood by Snohomish County. Lynnwood’s ownership of Seabrook Heights will protect Meadowdale Beach Park from potential damage that could have resulted from dense development of this land.

Thank you to all of our supporters who have since 2006 contributed their time, effort and dollars toward stopping the deforestation of these 13 acres and the resultant risks of erosion and landslides.

David C. Allais
President CGNBN
425-438-2899 X750

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There are two pieces to this puzzle.

Update 2-11-2015

There are two pieces of the puzzle of current activity and interest that are occurring simultaneously.

The first piece is that Snohomish County Planning and Development Service has issued a Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance regarding Seabrook Heights as of Feb. 6, 2015. They have also alerted those who are party of record that a public hearing has been scheduled for March 31, April 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2015.

Citizens for Norma Beach Neighborhoods is preparing an appeal. We are consulting with our attorney and experts to mount a case against the proposed Seabrook Heights development of 70 homes on 13.27 acres above the steep northern slopes of Meadowdale Beach Park. We won this battle before and we will make every effort to win again as Meadowdale Beach Park is worth preserving and protecting.

It really helps our cause when you become a Party of Record. This status entitles you to receive written notices from Snohomish County for hearings and other major events related to this proceeding. It also puts the county planning department on notice that significant numbers of county residents are concerned about the proposal. All written comments opposing this development must be submitted by the deadline of Feb 23, 2015. Please e-mail the senior planner, Monica McLaughlin at: monica.mclaughlin@co.snohomish.wa.us
Be sure to include the project number 10-107194-SD, your full name, complete address and date. You can include if you wish why you are opposed to this project.

The second piece of the puzzle is that the City of Lynnwood continues to actively negotiate with the developer to buy the property that is proposed for development. We can only hope this will come to a successful conclusion as we would love to see this land preserved in perpetuity.

In the meantime we prepare for the hearing.

If you wish to donate to help cover our attorney and expert fees click on the donate button on this page. Thank you.

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Status Update – November 20, 2013

Last August the City of Lynnwood applied for a Conservation Futures Grant to purchase and preserve the Seabrook Heights property. This application was successful, and the city was awarded $5 million for this purpose. If Lynnwood buys the Seabrook property, it will adjoin land to the south that it already owns. This is potentially great news for those of us who are concerned about the preservation of Meadowdale Beach Park because it will preserve a substantial, forested buffer on the north side of the park.

However, while the City of Lynnwood is optimistic that price negotiations with the owner of the Seabrook property will be successful, there is no certainty that the parties will agree to a sale.

Meanwhile, CGNBN’s hydrologist, together with representatives of Snohomish County and Seabrook’s developer have mapped a substantial wetland on property adjoining Seabrook to the south and west. Discovery of this wetland now requires the developer to provide the County Planning department with an updated proposal.

We, the board of CGNBN, are optimistic that Lynnwood will be able to buy and preserve Seabrook, but we will continue to monitor the permitting process and respond appropriately.

We appreciate your continuing support.

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Update of Status – June 7, 2013

Since last September, we the board of CGNBN and our hydrology expert reviewed the developer’s second amended proposal for developing Seabrook Heights. We mailed our concerns and comments to the Snohomish County planner last November.

On January 11, 2013 the County planner issued her third review and comment letter requesting additional information and pointing out discrepancies in the plans.

On May 21, 2013 the developer responded to the planner with a few changes and comments comprising a much smaller document package than that of the prior three proposals. We will respond to the planner with our comments on this latest package within the next several weeks.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to become a party of record (see the page “What Can I Do”). We also need contributions to support our preparation for a hearing on this proposal which may occur later this year. The easy way to donate is to click the orange button on this page.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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New Activity September 18, 2012

The developer of Seabrook Heights has resubmitted documents for the next review cycle.

The Seabrook Heights development at 6614 Fisher Road had been dormant since February 22, 2012 when the county planner issued her second review comment letter. This comment letter contained 51 questions, issues, or requests for information.

The CGNBN board will obtain and study these resubmission documents and provide our comments to the county planner in a timely fashion.

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